Job Opportunity with Soteria Vermont


Soteria Vermont is seeking a psychiatrist for eight hours per week beginning February 1, 2014.  Soteria Vermont is a new residential hospitalization-alternative program for individuals experiencing an initial episode of psychosis.  The residence is located in Burlington and has the capacity to serve up to five people at a given time.  The program will serve individuals who have had minimal exposure to psychoactive medication and/or psychiatric hospitalization.  A foundational belief of Soteria is that psychosis can be a temporary experience to work through as opposed to a chronic mental illness in need of managing.  Our approach views psychiatric medication as one of many tools that an individual can utilize in navigating distress and crisis.  The individual chooses which tools they feel are most effective and helpful.  This may mean short trials of medications or no medications at all.

This is a unique opportunity to work in an alternative setting that values the autonomy and agency of the person at the center of concern.  Soteria provides a highly interactive environment with collaborative decision making.  Come work with a dedicated and motivated group.  The psychiatrist position is not responsible for supervising Soteria staff.  $120/hour compensation.  

If interested, please send your CV to Amos Meacham at or the following address: Pathways Vermont, 1233 Shelburne Rd Suite E6, South Burlington, VT 05403