Webinar Series on Trauma Informed Peer Support

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SAMHSA’s National Center for Trauma-Informed Care (NCTIC) will host a series of three 75-minute webinars in September 2014 that will introduce key concepts in NCTIC’s day-long Trauma-Informed Peer Support (TIPS) training.  The primary audience is people who provide peer support - including people working as peer specialists or in similar roles, people involved in independent peer support groups, and people working in or receiving services from peer-run programs. The series would also be of interest to administrators, clinicians, and supervisors in organizations that employ peer specialists and people in similar roles, or those interested in incorporating trauma-informed peer support into their programs.   Each session will include 60 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes for discussion and questions.

We encourage participation in all three events – they will be archived for anyone who is not able to attend a session or misses the series.

The webinars will be held from 1:00 -2:15 pm Eastern time on three consecutive Tuesdays in September (9, 16 and 23). The weblink and audio conference call-in information are the same for each session.

To Register:

Weblink: http://nasmhpd.adobeconnect.com/tips/

Audio Conference: 1-888-727-2247

Conference ID: 9638527

Event Flyer


Peerlink Webinar: Employment Over the Rainbow

"Employment Over the Rainbow:Supporting LGBT Peers with 
their Employment Goals"

 Wednesday, September 17th

 11:00am-12:00pm PST

2:00pm-3:00pm EST
 This webinar is dedicated to discussing the barriers and challenges that LGBT peers face when seeking employment. To better understand these challenges, we will first discuss language and societal norms that often go overlooked or are misunderstood. We will also discuss other important factors, such as changing laws and attitudes, and their impact on LGBT peers as they pursue their employment goals. And we will attempt to compare laws and attitudes toward the LGBT community with the mental health peer community. This webinar will conclude with tips, tools, and resources that should be helpful for LGBT job-seekers and for those who provide support.
 Donita Diamata - Through her personal experiences as a recipient of mental health services and her professional experiences in the mental health field, Donita has developed a passion for the subject of employment, especially as it relates to communities that may face additional challenges and barriers. Her connection to Peerlink National Technical Assistance Center has allowed her to broaden her previous knowledge and skills around this important issue.

Robyn Priest is Peerlink's Lead Project Coordinator. Robyn is originally from Australia but has also lived/worked in New Zealand, Canada and now here in the good old USA. Robyn has previously worked in the employment field for people with mental health challenges and is currently involved with training peer support workers to support people in their employment dreams.
You may also register by visiting our website: 
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Mental Health America Webinar: Training and Certification of Peer Support Providers

Thursday, August 28, 3:00 pm Eastern Time

There is an increasing acknowledgement of the value that peer support specialists bring to the behavioral health continuum of services and supports. As this emerging workforce evolves, states and organizations are developing requirements for training, supervision and certification.

This webinar will explore the unique characteristics intrinsic in the training, supervision and certification of adult, family, and youth peer support specialists. Participants will be provided with a historical perspective of the beginnings of the standardization of adult peer support and will learn about current and emerging best practices in adult, family and youth peer support.

A variety of training curricula, supervision models and certification programs that are currently being utilized will be discussed, and participants will develop a greater understanding of the key elements of each.

While this webinar is Part 3 of a 3-Part Series, all are welcome!

Presenters: Lynda Gargan, Ph.D., Senior Managing Director, National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health; Patrick Hendry, Senior Director of Consumer Advocacy, Mental Health America; Brie Masselli, Director, Training, Technical Assistance, and Evaluation, Youth MOVE National

Instructions for joining the August 28 webinar:

1. Go to - http://nasmhpd.adobeconnect.com/certificationpeersupport/

(Please right click on the link or copy and paste the link into a new tab.)

When the Adobe Connect Log-in screen appears, select "Enter as a Guest," enter the name and state of the participant in the "Name" field (Ex. Jane Doe-AK) and click on "Enter Room." 

2. Once prompted to join the Audio portion of the meeting, please select
"Dialing-in to the Audio Conference Via Phone." Then dial 
1-888-727-2247 and enter the conference ID number 5433540#.  

 Dialing in allows for interaction and dialogue.  Please ensure that your computer speakers are turned down so that there is no audio feedback. 

Note: If you are only able to join the audio portion, then you will not be able to see the webinar presentation.  

We highly recommend that you test your connection to Adobe Connect in advance of the webinar to ensure access. You may need to work with your state’s IT department to resolve any firewall issues. To test your connection, please go to: 
http://nasmhpd.adobeconnect.com/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm. You may be prompted to install ActiveX control, Adobe Flash Player, and Adobe Connect add-ins. If you encounter any difficulty testing your connection or logging into the webinar, please contact Technical Support by calling 1-800-459-5680.

If you are having an issue logging into the web, you can also join by phone first, press *0 and get a private operator to help get you onto the web.  If you have an issue any time during the call, you can press *0 for immediate help. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Kelle Masten atkelle.masten@nasmhpd.org or at 703-682-5187.


Mental Health America Webinar: Social and New Media for Mental Health Organizations

Social and New Media for Mental Health Organizations 

Wednesday, August 20, 3:00 pm Eastern Time 

Social and new media are changing how we interact and communicate. We all know we’re supposed to have and maintain various social media accounts for our organizations and incorporate technology into everything we do. But how do we turn a “like” or a “tweet” into positive change for the mental health of all Americans? How can we use a smart phone to enable recovery? Do we really need an Instagram? And how do we understand which social and new media tools we should use (and which to leave behind) when the landscape changes every day? 

Designed for staff at mental health organizations who don't use social media every day, the webinar will begin with a quick review of social media tools, the audiences they help us reach, and what kind of content works best. Then we will look at emerging trends and discuss how to measure effectiveness. We will explore how some nonprofit organizations have used social media or emerging technology to fulfill their missions and potential ways that mental health organizations could do similar work. We'll also address concerns about using social media appropriately and respectfully. 

Presenters: Ritu Sharma, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Social Media for Nonprofits; Mike Thornsbury, Marketer and Mental Health Volunteer; Jessica Kennedy, Webmaster, Mental Health America

Instructions for joining the August 20 webinar:


1. Go to - http://nasmhpd.adobeconnect.com/socialmedia/


(Please right click on the link or copy and paste the link into a new tab.)

When the Adobe Connect Log-in screen appears, select "Enter as a Guest," enter the name and state of the participant in the "Name" field (Ex. Jane Doe-AK) and click on "Enter Room." 

2. Once prompted to join the Audio portion of the meeting, please select
"Dialing-in to the Audio Conference Via Phone." Then dial 1-888-727-2247 and enter the conference ID number 5433540#.  


Copeland Center Summit - Peer Support, Wellness and Community

Copeland Center Summit - Peer Support, Wellness and Community

November 10-12, 2014

Ramada Inn - 1450 S. Atherton St - State College, PA 16801

Registrations: $315 w/o lodging; $565 including lodging - Discounts available to Copeland Center members 

Continuing Education Hours Available for Pennsylvania Certified Peer Specialist

Sessions include:

  • WRAP Facilitator Refresher Course
  • Seminar I: WRAP for Total Health
  • Intentional Peer Support - brought to you by Sheri Mead's team
  • WRAP for Developmental Distinctions
  • Supports and services for incarcertation
  • Strategies for Hoarding - WRAP for Reducing Clutter and Buried in Treasures
  • Youth focus
  • Wellness oriented services
  • WRAP Pals
  • And so much more!

Speakers include:

  • Harvey Rosenthal - NYAPRS
  • BJ North -  Conscious Educators
  • Jeanie Whitecraft - Institute for Recovery and Community Integration
  • Gina Calhoun - Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery
  • Waynette Brock - One New Heart Beat 
  • Steven Morgan - Intentional Peer Support
  • Eva Dech - Intentional Peer Support
  • Lee Shuer - Mutual Support Systems
ICAN Scholarships Available

ICAN scholarships are for consumers / survivors / individuals in recovery from mental health & co-occurring challenges. To receive a scholarship, you must be a person in recovery and a Pennsylvania resident.

For more information and to register: http://copelandcenter.com/our-services/copeland-center-summit