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NARPA 2015 Annual Rights Conference

The National Association of Rights Protection and Advocacy
NARPA Washington DC 2015
August 20 – 23, 2015
Embassy Suites Washington DC Convention Center
The conference begins at 6 pm on Thursday, August 20, and ends at noon Sunday, August 23.
NARPA‘s mission is to promote policies and pursue strategies that result in individuals with psychiatric diagnoses making their own choices regarding treatment. We educate and mentor those individuals to enable them to exercise their legal and human rights with a goal of abolition of all forced treatment.
NARPA is an independent organization, solely supported by its members. It is a unique mix of people who have experienced psychiatric intervention, advocates, civil rights activists, mental health workers, and lawyers -- with many people whose roles overlap. NARPA exists to to protect people’s right to choice and to be free from coercion, and to promote alternatives so that the right to choice can be meaningful. Read about NARPA's history of human rights advocacy, check out the ADA Case of the Week archives, and more.