Art by Artists with Psychiatric Diagnoses to Be Exhibited at Norristown Public Library...Artists with Lived Experience of the Mental Health System Are Encouraged to Participate

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Art by Artists with Psychiatric Diagnoses to Be Exhibited at Norristown Public Library

Artists with Lived Experience of the Mental Health System Are Encouraged to Participate

NORRISTOWN, PA (April 3, 2019)—On April 18, 2019, artists who have mental health conditions will vie for first place at an art show organized by the Montgomery County Community Support Program (CSP) Committee, which brings together people with mental health challenges, their family members, service providers, and administrators in an equal partnership to promote recovery, as well as excellence in community-based mental health services. Artists with psychiatric histories are encouraged to enter the contest; the deadline is Monday, April 15, 2019. To enter, contact Ameika Malcolm at 610.270.3685 or The drop-off address for artwork is Hopeworx Inc., 1210 Stanbridge Street, Suite 600, Norristown, PA 19401. The theme this year is “Living My Best Life.”

“One of the goals of the event is to combat the prejudice and discrimination associated with psychiatric diagnoses by showcasing art created by people with lived experience of the mental health system,” said Sue Shannon, executive director of Hopeworx, which is run by people who themselves have mental health challenges.

“People who have mental health conditions are like everyone else in that some of us have enormous talent,” Shannon continued. “This amazing artwork is proof of that.”

Hopeworx—active in the Montgomery County CSP Committee—has helped organize the contest.

“We are thrilled to be able to highlight the talents of people whose abilities are often overlooked,” added Ameika Malcolm, Hopeworx project coordinator and a member of the Montgomery County CSP Committee.

People who have mental health conditions are represented in every sphere, including in the art arena. “We are your neighbors, friends, and family,” said Shannon. Some artists who had mental health challenges—e.g., Van Gogh, Munch, and Goya—are very well known; others—such as Meghan Caughey, Amy Smith, and Sharon Wise—are primarily famous within the mental health community.

The artwork will be exhibited during the CSP meeting on Thursday, April 18, from noon to 2:30 p.m. at the Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library, 1001 Powell Street in Norristown. Following the contest, the library will display the artwork from April 29 through May 3.

The mission of Hopeworx is to promote the continued development of a community environment which supports and believes in the expertise and passion of consumers—i.e., individuals with lived experience of the mental health system—to create and direct their own paths to health and recovery.

The Montgomery County CSP Committee meets on the third Thursday of every month, from noon to 2:30 p.m., at the Norristown Public Library, 1001 Powell St., Norristown, PA  19401.  Organizations that regularly send representatives include the Montgomery County Department of Behavioral Health, the Consumer Satisfaction Team of Montgomery County, NAMI Montgomery County, Mental Health Partnerships, Salisbury Behavioral Health, Magellan Health Services, Resources for Human Development, and Community Advocates of Montgomery County. 

Contact: Ameika Malcolm, Hopeworx Project Coordinator,, 610.270.3685

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