Knowledge and Attitudes About Mental Illness: A Survey of Middle School Students

Despite the many studies of public attitudes toward mental illnesses, relatively few have examined the views of the youngest generation of citizens. This study was intended to increase understanding of youths' views of mental illness by developing and administering measures of knowledge and attitudes of middle school students toward mental illnesses.

Finding the Opportunity in Crisis: How Do We Fight Stigma in the Media?

When written in Chinese, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters: one represents danger; the other represents opportunity. In the wake of the crisis created by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, there is an opportunity to counter the myths about the association between mental health conditions and violence, and to become engaged in the national debate on the need for gun control. This keynote presentation will describe some effective methods of communicating to the media, and issue a call to action.

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Active Minds

Active Minds is an organization working to raise awareness of mental health alternatives on college campuses. "By developing and supporting chapters of a student-run mental health awareness, education, and advocacy group on campuses, the organization works to increase students’ awareness of mental health issues, provide information and resources regarding mental health and mental illness, encourage students to seek help as soon as it is needed, and serve as liaison between students and the mental health community."

The ADS Center

SAMHSA's Resource Center to Promote Acceptance, Dignity, and Social Inclusion Associated with Mental Health (ADS Center) "...enhances acceptance and social inclusion by ensuring that people with mental health problems can live full, productive lives within communities without fear of prejudice and discrimination. We provide information and assistance to develop successful efforts to counteract prejudice and discrimination and promote social inclusion.