Consumer-run Businesses and Services (doc)

A major accomplishment of the mental health consumer/survivor/ex-patient movement has been the growing array of consumer-run businesses and services that we have created. By "consumer-run businesses", we mean organizations planned, directed, and staffed by consumers, survivors, and ex-patients, whether or not the organization is run for a profit. "Consumer-run services" are an important subset of consumer-run businesses and refer to organizations run by consumers for the purpose of providing services to other consumers. Such services fill a vital need: people with psychiatric disabilities can seek support and counseling from peers in the most supportive and responsive setting possible. This detailed guide examines the role and function of consumer-run services and businesses, and advises consumers on planning and operating them. Selected Contents: Role in Consumers' Lives * Role in (or Around) the Mental Health System * Types of Activities * Consumer Control * Funding * Finding a Location * Advertising and Promotion. 18 pp., 8 1/2 x 11.

Consumer-run Businesses and Services.doc